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Bexley Selection Test


Bexley has four grammar schools: two mixed, one for boys and one for girls:


Beths Grammar School

Townley Grammar School

Bexley Grammar School

Chislehurst & Sidcup Grammar School


To apply for a place at any one of these four grammar schools, your child must have taken and passed the Bexley Selection Test (previously known as the 11+). The test is taken at the beginning of Year 6, usually a few weeks into the Autumn Term. 


The Bexley Selection Test covers verbal ability and English comprehension, numerical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. There are two test papers, with a mixture of questions in each. 


The secondary selection process is very competitive - only about 30% of those who sit the test achieve the pass mark and are, therefore, selected as eligible for a grammar school place. Last year, from the 6656 pupils registered to sit the test, 2047 were selected as eligible for a grammar school place. However, being eligible does not guarantee a grammar school place as there are fewer places available than the number of pupils selected as eligible. 


It is important to remember that not passing the test is not the be-all and end-all and pupils who attend non-selective schools can be just as successful in secondary school and in the future as those who do attend the grammar schools. 


At Brampton, around 30% of pupils who take the Bexley Selected Test achieve the pass mark, with some pupils achieving a score within the top 180, which guarantees them a place at a grammar school. 


Parents/carers must register their child for the test via the Bexley website: Bexley Selection Test Registration


More information about the Bexley Selection Test, including registration, can be found in the Bexley Selection Test Information for Parents booklet:

Administration of the Bexley Selection Test


Brampton Primary Academy administers the test in school, in line with guidance provided by Bexley, for those registered to sit the test. 


A few days prior to the test, the Year 6 teachers administer a practice test to help those taking the test familiarise themselves with the test format, question styles, and answer paper. The practice test is not a full test - the teachers read through the test guidance with the pupils and then give them short sections of the test to complete in test conditions. Pupils have an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification about test procedures. 


Senior leaders administer the actual test along with class teachers and teaching assistants. The test is administered in the Year 6 classrooms to ensure pupils feel as familiar and comfortable with the environment as possible. Desks and chairs are arranged in rows, with one pupil sat at each desk. This arrangement is set up the day before to avoid unnecessary stress on the morning of the test and the pupils are given ample time to settle before the test begins. 


Although the Bexley guidance requests that parents/carers provide stationary for the test, this is not necessary at Brampton. The school provides all equipment to those taking the test so that parents/carers and pupils have one less thing to worry about on the morning of the test. 



Kent Test


In addition to the Bexley Selection Test, some parents/carers choose for their child to sit the Kent Test. The Kent Test is not administered at Bexley. Usually, those taking the test out of county do so at the weekend. 


More information about the Kent Test can be found on the Kent website: Kent Test