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Art & Design

At Brampton Primary Academy, we nurture a love of art and the aesthetic. We expose children to the great artists of the world, enabling the children to appreciate the artistic efforts and work of a variety of artists and craftsmen. These experiences allow the children to become inspired and celebrate creativity and creative expression.


The children are taught to:

  • Make connections between the work and inspiration of artists and apply this to their own artwork
  • Explore materials, techniques and ideas
  • Use sketchbooks to record and explore ideas
  • Improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture with a range of materials
  • Evaluate and analyse creative works (including their own) using the language of art, craft and design


Furthermore, through the celebration of unique creations and ideas, the children become more culturally and socially aware, thereby allowing them to value diversity and develop a sense of identity and style.


Take a look at the artists and techniques covered in our curriculum overview: