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Behaviour Approach


At Brampton, we aim to provide our pupils with the best possible education and enrichment opportunities and to ensure they feel empowered so that they can fulfil their potential. We recognise the role pupils’ behaviour and attitudes have in maintaining a safe, nurturing, inclusive learning environment in which we can achieve these aims.


Our policy, procedures and approach to behaviour management are based on the belief that children learn how to behave by imitating those around them, and therefore we must act as positive role models, consistently demonstrating the behaviour and attitudes we ask of our pupils. We believe that children must be taught how to behave appropriately, and therefore we deliberately teach pupils the behaviour and attitudes we expect. We believe that children make mistakes – as they would in any other area of learning – and can learn from these experiences. Our policy, procedures and approach are therefore underpinned by restorative practice principles rather than solely punitive disciple.



Whole-School Approach


At Brampton, we believe that our aims are achievable through a whole-school approach to behaviour management. Our policy and procedures are underpinned by Department for Education guidance and educational research and literature, in particular, the recommendations of the Pivitol approach established by Paul Dix.


Our approach advocates:


  • building positive, trusting relationships between pupils, staff and parents/carers
  • adults maintaining and modelling calm, consistent behaviour and the positive behaviour and attitudes expected of pupils
  • establishing clear, consistent rules and routines
  • frequently recognising and rewarding desired behaviour and attitudes
  • challenging examples of undesired behaviour and attitudes in a kind and consistent manner, avoiding public humiliation
  • promoting self-regulation
  • using restorative practice to support pupils in reflecting and taking responsibility for their choices
  • using proportionate sanctions for incidents of unacceptable behaviour



Core Values


Our core values were carefully chosen by pupils and staff and are:


  • Aspiration
  • Collaboration
  • Determination


Our core values are displayed in every classroom and in areas around the school. Through our curriculum and assemblies, pupils learn about the core values and a wider range of desirable personal qualities which help them develop into mature, socially aware individuals with skills to build and maintain effective relationships with others.


Core Rules


At Brampton, we recognise the role behaviour plays in establishing an environment that is conducive to learning. All pupils know how to apply our three school rules:  


  • Ready
  • Respectful
  • Responsible


The rules are simple and are applicable to the widest variety of situations. The rules are taught explicitly and modelled by all members of the school community. When pupils follow the school rules, they are recognised and praised.


Read Brampton's Behaviour & Attitudes Policy for full details of the approach to behaviour management at Brampton. 


Brampton's Behaviour Lead is Miss Hannabuss-Penn, Inclusion Lead & Designated Safeguarding Lead


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