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Think back to your primary school experience - what do you remember the most? Is it learning long division or joining letters? Or is it sleeping under the stars? Sailing across a lake in a dingy? Hiking in the hills? Or the time you skipped with 400 other people at the same time? These experiences - the memories that evoke nostalgia - happen in every school, but what is different at Brampton is that we ensure that EVERY child experiences 11 massive memory-making experiences before they leave us to go to secondary school. 



11 BEFORE 11 is our promise to all children at Brampton: 11 exceptional experiences that will inspire and challenge, broaden horizons, and develop our children's sense of adventure. 


Watch REAch2's video to hear about 11 BEFORE 11 from our CEO, Cathie Paine:

11 BEFORE 11

REAch2 offer 15 promises for school to choose from. Earlier in 2022, School Council conducted a school-wide questionnaire to find out out which 11 promises the children at Brampton would prefer.


These are the promises the children chose: 

School Council then had the job of deciding which promises would be assigned to each year and which would be whole-school promises:

Perfect a Pitch


For this year's Year 6 Perfect a Pitch promise, our budding entrepreneurs had a day to put together an attractive business proposal for Brampton's new breakfast bar/snack shop before pitching their ideas to the panel of judges, who had the difficult job of deciding which group's proposal was the best. In the end, it was too difficult to decide, so the business will be an amalgamation of the children's ideas. 


Brampton's Snack Shack will soon be open for business, with an enticing menu of healthy breakfast boxes and Snack Shack specials. But before it can open, staff must be appointed. The children are busy filling in application forms ready for the upcoming interviews. Once the staff have been appointed, they'll undergo a training programme, which will cover customer service, food hygiene, and money handling.


Keep an eye out on the KS2 playground for details of the opening event...