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Banksy Class (Year 6)


Was Banksy born in 1974 and raised in Bristol? We cannot be sure as not much is known about this elusive graffitist. Banksy is a pseudonymous UK-based street artist, political activist and film director whose real name and identity is the subject of speculation.


Banksy's graffiti art, with it's distinctive iconography of highly recognisable images such as rats and policemen, emerged in Bristol in the 1990s; since then, the artist's work has appeared on streets, walls and bridges throughout the UK and around the world. In 2005, Banksy - fully disguised - installed his own works on the walls of major museums in New York City and London, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Tate Britain. 


 A number of Banksy's works exist only in memory, or photographs. Of 52 previously documented works in London, 40 have been whitewashed over or removed. 


Find out more about Banksy here: Banksy