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Wellbeing Zone Self-Referral Service 


Brampton's Wellbeing Zone is open to all children.


If you need help with your wellbeing, you can request a self-referral form from your class teacher.


Complete the form and pop it in the Wellbeing Zone box and Mrs Baker will arrange to meet with you. 



What is wellbeing? 


Wellbeing refers to how you are feeling and how well you can cope with daily life. Overall wellbeing is affected by both physical (body) and mental health (mind). Wellbeing can change from moment to moment, day to day, or week to week. Wellbeing can be affected by things that happen to you, but sometimes wellbeing changes and it seems as if there is no reason at all. 


Good wellbeing doesn't mean always feeling great physically or constantly happy. You can experience tiredness or develop a short-term illness, such as a cold, or have a disability and still be physically healthy. You can experiences negative emotions, such as sadness or anger, and still be mentally healthy. These things are a normal part of life. Having good wellbeing helps you to cope with these experiences. 


Good wellbeing helps us to:


  • enjoy life to the full
  • feel confident
  • cope with difficulties in life
  • adapt when things changes
  • feel confident develop and maintain good relationships with others
  • feel and express our emotions

We All Have Mental Health

What affects wellbeing?


Our wellbeing is affected by a range of positive and negative factors, and each person is different. 


Our wellbeing can be affected by: 


  • diet
  • exercise
  • relaxation
  • sleep
  • illness
  • positive and negative experiences
  • relationships with the people around us
  • care and support we get
  • stress and pressure


What can I do to look after my wellbeing?

Be creative - a great way to relax, feel less stressed, and to express yourself.


You could try:


  • drawing, painting, photography or creative writing
  • singing or playing and instrument
  • dance or drama
  • making something


Learning something new - a great way of improving confidence and sense of achievement. When you learn something new, you feel a boost in self-esteem.


You could try:


  • cooking or baking something new
  • your own DIY project
  • going to a local library, museum or gallery
  • a new sport or language


Get active - a great way to improve your fitness, mood, energy, and sleep.


You could try:


  • going for a walk, swim, run, or bike ride
  • a group activity, like tennis, rounders or football
  • a Joe Wicks workout


Eat well - a great way to improve your mood, energy, and sleep.


You could try:


  • eating a balanced diet with a good amount of fruit and veggies
  • keeping hydrated
  • reducing added sugar in your food and drink.


Get enough sleep - a great way to improve energy, feel more positive, and reduce stress. 


You could try:


  • going to bed at a time that allows you enough sleep
  • cutting down on screen time before bed
  • using a blue light filter or night mode on your screen
  • reading a book before bed, or listening to relaxing music


Connect with others - a great way to improve relationships, feel accepted, and have share experiences. 


You could try: 


  • organising an experience, such as a walk, with your friends or family
  • inviting a friend over to play
  • visiting a friend you haven't seen in a while
  • meeting new people by joining a club 

Talking Mental Health

Fantastic Fred Mental Health Workshop 2022


This Autumn, the Fantastic Fred van visited Brampton, and everyone - from Year R to Year 6 - took part in Fred's Mental Health Workshop and learned how to keep themselves mentally healthy through eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, being active, and managing time on digital devices. 


Check out the photographs below.