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Pupil Leadership

Our Pupil Leadership Teams have very active roles in shaping school life at Brampton. Their feedback and suggestions inform policies, procedures and practice. There are six teams with eighty roles available in total! Each team has a tie or badge to identify their special role in the school. Those appointed remain in role for a full academic year to enable them to have an impact in their area of responsibility. Each team is supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team; however, the children lead the team - the adult only acts as facilitator and checks that the children's plans are feasible! 


At the start of the academic year, children are appointed and then meet to establish the priorities, action plan and projects for the year ahead. They then gather regularly throughout the year to work on their projects. This year, the teams will each attend a trip to help them understand their role or to carry out important project work. 


Here is a list of our Pupil Leadership Teams:


School Council

Lead: Ms Winter-Nolan (Headteacher) 

Trip: Bexley Civic Offices & Westminster


Eco Champions

Lead: Miss Wellington (Deputy Headteacher)

Trip: Local Litter Pick


Reading Leaders

Lead: Miss Cheffings (Assistant Headteacher and English Lead) 

Trip: British Library Workshop


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors 

Lead: Miss Cox (Assistant Headteacher and Behaviour Lead) 

Trip: Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training Day with Diana Trust at Queen's College


Sports Mentors 

Lead: Mr Makinde (Sports Coach) 

Trip: Stadium Visit 


Year 6 Prefects 

Lead: Miss Cox (Assistant Headteacher & Year 6 Lead) 

Trip: Foodbank