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At Brampton Primary Academy, we promote a love of making and designing. The children are exposed to a wild range of global designers and craftsmen. Through their design and creations, they are encouraged to take responsible risks and experiment and explore materials, techniques and solutions. The children learn life-long skills, such as sewing, cooking, making and joining.


The children are taught to:


  • Use research to develop design criteria, making sure that designs are functional and fit for purpose
  • Generate ideas through discussion, annotate sketches, develop prototypes and computer-aided designs
  • Select from a wide range of tools, equipment, materials and components
  • Evaluate ideas and designs against the design criteria, whilst considering the views of others
  • Improve and modify their designs by incorporating improvements
  • Understand and use mechanical systems, electrical systems and computer programming in their designs and products


Additionally, their creations and ideas allow them to progress to become reflective learners who can self-improve their own work and designs. Through the process of making, children are able to apply their knowledge and skills across other subjects such as Maths, Science and Art.