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Brampton Primary Academy is proud to be part of REAch2 Academy Trust. Founded in 2012, REAch2 Academy Trust is the largest primary-only multi-academy trust in the country. Each REAch2 school is unique, but we all share the aim of providing the best possible education for every child in the Trust.

Why send your child to a REAch2 academy?

REAch2 CEO Cathie Paine talks about what makes a school a REAch2 school.

REAch2 Touchstones

The REAch2 Touchstones embody the values and ethos of the Trust and act as our guiding purpose for every decision taken. 

Led by primary experts, REAch2 supports over 60 schools, organised into ten regional collaborative clusters.


REAch2 Schools Map

Brampton Primary Academy is in Cluster 8. Supported by Deputy Director of Education, Miss Clark, we work very closely with four REAch2 schools in the South East.

REAch2 Academy Trust Song

Find out more about REAch2 here: REAch2 Academy Trust


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