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Einaudi Class (Year 2)

Ludovico Einaudi OMRI

It is very likely that you would recognise the ebb and flow of 'Nuvole Blanche' and the calm, gentle repetition of 'Una Mattina', but would you know that these simplistic yet beautiful pieces are the works of the great Italian pianist, composer and conductor Ludovico Einaudi? 


Ludovico Einaudi, born in Turin in 1955, is the grandson of Luigi Einaudi, who was the president of Italy from 1948 until 1955. Introduced to the piano by his mother, Einaudi studied music in both Turin and Milan and has since composed for the ballet, theatre, orchestra, and film. His listeners are worldwide and he has performed across the globe, including at the Royal Albert Hall in London. 


Among other awards, Einaudi was recognised for his talent with an Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (OMRI) for his service to the arts. 


Find out more about Ludovico Einaudi here: Ludovico Einaudi