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Brampton has a large and experienced staff. All staff are highly committed to the school's vision and values of providing a safe, nurturing, inclusive learning environment in which every child fulfils their potential.  


Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher: Ms Winter-Nolan


Deputy Headteacher: Miss Wellington


EYFS & KS1 Assistant Headteacher: Miss Cheffings


KS2 Assistant Headteacher: Miss Cox


School Business Manager: Mrs Creed


REAch2 Director of Education: Gill Ellyard


REAch2 Cluster 8 Deputy Director of Education: Miss Clark


REAch2 Safeguarding & Family Liaison Lead: Siobhan McCurdy



Pastoral Care & Inclusion Team


SENDCo & Inclusion Lead: Miss Hannabuss-Penn


Inclusion Assistant: Mrs Baker


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss Wellington


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Ms Winter-Nolan & Mrs Baker


Pupil Premium Lead: Miss Wellington


Medical Lead: Mrs Lockley


Wider Staff Team



Admin Team


Admin Assistants: Mrs McKenzie & Mrs Buckner 



Site Team


Site Manager: Mr Smith


Cleaners: Mr Lawal, Mrs Ponton & Mr Dodds


IT Technician: Mr Adam



Wraparound Care Team


Wraparound Care Manager: Mrs Lorde


Wraparound Care Assistants: Mrs Wickham & Mrs Stokes



Midday Meals Team


Midday Meals Manager: Mrs Sword 


Midday Meals Supervisor: Mrs Steiner


All Teaching Assistants are Midday Meals Supervisors. 



Teaching Team


Sports Coach: Mr Makinde



Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)


Assistant Headteacher Phase Leader: Miss Cheffings


Year Group Leader: Miss Ball


Teachers: Miss Ball & Mrs Chapman


Phase Level 3 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hood


Phase Teaching Assistants: Miss Lynch & Mrs Ward



Key Stage One (Years 1 & 2)


Assistant Headteacher Phase Leader: Miss Cheffings


Phase Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kent


Phase Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dodds, Ms Cullen, Mrs Willoughby & Mr Groom



Year 1


Year Group Leader: Miss Cheffings


Teachers: Mr Soanes & Mrs Kent



Year 2


Year Group Leader: Miss Cheffings


Teachers: Miss Cheffings & Mrs Murphy



Key Stage Two (Years 3-6)


Assistant Headteacher Phase Leader: Miss Cox


Phase Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs Lockley 


Phase Teaching Assistants: Mrs Barker, Ms Young & Mrs McEwan



Year 3


Year Group Leader: Miss O'Reilly


Year 3 Teachers: Miss O'Reilly & Mr Stevens



Year 4


Year Group Leader: Ms O'Donnell


Teachers: Ms O'Donnell & Mrs Ogunkinle



Year 5


Year Group Leader: Mrs Roach


Teachers: Mrs Roach & Mr Granville



Year 6 


Year Group Leader: Miss Cox


Teachers: Miss Cox & Mrs McIntosh



Subject Leaders


Many of our teachers are subject specialists and we are therefore able to deliver a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum led by teachers with expertise.


English: Phonics, Reading & Writing: Miss Cheffings


Maths & Science: Miss Cox


Art & Design & Design & Technology: Mrs McIntosh 


Physical Education: Mr Makinde & Miss O'Reilly


Religious Education: Mrs Ogunkinle


Music: Miss Cheffings


Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education: Mrs Roach


Geography: Mr Granville


History: Miss Ball


Computing: Mr Soanes 


Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish): Miss O'Donnell