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A warm welcome from the Chair of Governors


On behalf of the governors of Brampton Primary Academy it is my great pleasure to welcome you to our school’s website for the 2022/23 school year. Last year saw a continuation of the exceptional learning experience for the children, with an element of remote and in-school learning, caused by waves of Covid outbreaks. Thankfully, the second half of the year saw a return to more familiar experiences. Indeed, enrichment opportunities restarted, and we know that our children enjoyed the trips they went on and spoke excitedly about them, when we met them.


Of course, Covid has had an impact of the progress of our children’s learning, and this is being addressed and will be a key focus for governors to concentrate on for the upcoming year. We know from conversations with Ms Winter-Nolan and Miss Wellington that everybody in the school will be working extremely hard to ensure that our children make the necessary progress this year in order that their attainment at least matches the pre-pandemic levels.


As governors we are always keen to hear your views and feedback on the school so please do feel free to contact me at any time through the school office.  I will also be attending various school events throughout the year and be on hand occasionally at drop off or pick up times and will try to speak to as many of you as possible.


Thank you for your continued support for the school. The staff will always offer the best possible opportunities for learning at the school, but we know that the children will only maximise their potential with the support and guidance of our parents and carers outside the school.


We are also very grateful for the support of our parent Association, Friends of Brampton (FOB). The members and supporters work extremely hard raising much needed funds for the benefit of our children. We always appreciate their efforts and the additional enrichment opportunities these funds provide for our children. Please do continue to support their events.


I wish everyone at BPA and all our associated families and supporters the very best for the new school year.


Very best wishes


Brendan Hollyer

Chair of Governors, Brampton Primary Academy

What is a school governor?


The role of a governor is to act as a critical friend to the school. We provide a robust and consistent challenge as we review the progress and achievement of our pupils. Governors visit the school regularly, observing lessons, speaking to children and hearing their thoughts on what they are doing and how they feel at school.  We also speak to the staff to understand how they feel things are going across the school.


We also watch how the senior leadership team of the school use the resources and funding at their disposal to ensure the children have the best possible opportunity to maximise their potential during their time at Brampton Primary Academy.


Overall, we work with the senior leadership team at the school to ensure that children have a safe, nurturing and stimulating place to learn, not just the core subjects the school offers like reading, writing and maths, but also the values and behaviours that we believe will give them the best possible start in life.


If you want to contact either myself or any member of the governing body on any matter concerning the school, then please write to us at the school email address We are here to listen and to help where we can.




We currently have 9 members on our Local Governing Body:


1x Headteacher

2x Staff Governors

1x Parent Governor (another to be appointed)

2x Co-opted Governors (appointed by governors)

3x Appointed Governors (appointed by the Trust)


We are clerked by a highly experienced Governance Professional, who ensures that we discharge our statutory obligations in accordance with the REAch2 Scheme of Delegation.




Governing Body meetings happen six times a year, with the key focus alternating between Quality of Education and Resources & Enrichment. We invite a range of other staff to attend, in order that we can hear from a wider group about what is happening in the school. For example, last year we heard regularly from the School Business Manager, Subject Leads and a new to teaching member of staff.


As well as attending meetings, governors are expected to arrange visits to schools, linked to the area of specific focus agreed at the start of the year. It is a requirement that each governing body has a named governor linked to:

  • Safeguarding
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Statutory Grants

In addition, we appoint governors to oversee the progress on the school priorities for the year.


Governors also regularly attend training, to ensure that they are kept up to date on the ever-changing educational landscape.

Meet the Governors









Brendan Hollyer - Chair

Business Declarations: Trustee at Education for the 21st Century; Chair of Governors at Tymberwood Primary Academy (a REAch2 school).

Type of Governor: Trust Appointed

Term of Office: 8 July 2022 – 7 July 2026

Areas of Responsibility: Special Educational Needs, Statutory Grants


I have more than thirty years’ experience of working for financial institutions in the City of London and have been a school governor since 2002. During my time, I have been a governor at primary and secondary schools, both in Bexley and at other schools across the South East of England, having worked for a Multi Academy Trust.
I first became a governor at the school my daughters attended, as I wanted to use my financial experience to help with budgeting for the school year.
I joined the Local Governing Body of Brampton in 2018, as Chair and have worked with the senior leaders to ensure that our children are provided with the very best experience to prepare them for their future lives. Since 2014, I have used my experience to work with other schools, providing support to new Chairs or to governing bodies that have undergone significant change.

Allan Wilkins – Vice Chair

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Parent

Term of Office: 10 December 2021 – 9 December 2025

Areas of Responsibility: Curriculum, Early Years & Key Stage 1









Dr Chris Brauer

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Trust Appointed

Term of Office: 27 February 2019 – 26 February 2023

Areas of Responsibility: Curriculum


Dr Brauer is Director of Innovation at University of London and one of the global industrial strategy officers for the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is a public academic and strategic advisor. His analysis is informed by empirical research on the intersections of emerging technologies, human behaviour, risk, ethics, governance, productivity and innovation. His work sets out to positively impact the lives of the world’s 8 billion people.


In his role as a trust-appointed governor at Brampton Primary Academy he shares his experiences from the front lines of system-level innovation and managing risk in the educational sector with a specific focus on curriculum development and technologically-enhanced learning and teaching.








Debbie Buckner

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Staff Appointed

Term of Office: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2024

Areas of Responsibility: Key Stage 2


I am Debbie Buckner I have worked in the office for 7 years.  I was previously a midday meals supervisor for a year before moving into the office. 

I have been at Brampton for many years, firstly as a parent.  I was an active member of FOB before joining the governing body as a parent governor.  

Before having children, I was a legal secretary where I have worked in different departments from Litigation & Insolvency to Aviation law. 

I am extremely passionate about Brampton having been involved with the school for over 16 years. 

As a governor I feel it is important to support our senior leaders and staff and am able to bring a different perspective from my knowledge of the school and its background in a variety of areas. 

Emma Magee

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Co-Opted

Term of Office: 31 March 2022 – 30 March 2026

Areas of Responsibility:








Louise Mckenzie

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Staff Appointed

Term of Office: 1 September 2020 – 31 August 2024

Areas of Responsibility: Key Stage 2


I'm Louise McKenzie and I work in the school office.  I have worked at Brampton for over 9 and a half years after starting as a parent volunteer.  I have worked in school in a variety of roles, from midday supervisor to a teaching assistant before transitioning to the school office.

My background before Brampton was within finance, working for a local Building Society from leaving school in a range of roles.

I was elected by the staff to represent them on the governing body.  My role is to bring experience and knowledge of the school, support senior leaders and give a fair and accurate representation of staff views and opinions on important issues. 

I have a real passion for Brampton and our school community and am fully committed to supporting our staff and pupils through their journey at Brampton.








Viki Papen

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Term of Office: 10 March 2022 – 9 March 2026

Areas of Responsibility: Safeguarding


I currently work as Year 13 learning manager, research lead and MFL teacher at Townley Grammar, Bexleyheath. 

Being from Germany, I taught language and refugee integration courses during my master's studies in Education before training as a teacher in the UK and leading the German department at Townley Grammar. 

I have been a head of year for several years and have seen first-hand the importance of safeguarding and pastoral provision within a school setting. Thus, I am a designated safeguarding officer and trained as a first & mental health first aider. 

Next to my full-time role at Townley Grammar, I lead study days at the British Film Institute, and complete examinations for AQA. 

I look forward to working collaboratively with students, parents, colleagues, senior managers, and the governors to implement Brampton Academy's expectations and develop and deliver new standards that support their goals and statutory responsibilities. 


Clerk to Governors


Nigel Marchant

Date of Appointment: 1 March 2019

Governors who stepped down in this academic year


Anna Whitaker

Business Declarations: Employee at Barclays Bank PLC

Type of Governor: Co-Opted

Date of Resignation: 2 February 2023



Governors who stepped down in previous academic year


John Frankis

Business Declarations: None

Type of Governor: Trust Appointed

Date of Resignation: 15 November 2022