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Absence & Lateness

At Brampton Primary Academy we believe that in order to facilitate teaching and learning, good attendance and punctuality is essential. Children cannot achieve their full potential if they do not regularly attend school, on time.

Attendance Matters

Our attendance target is 98%, which exceeds the national average of 96.1%.


There are 190 school days each year, leaving approximately 175 days for family time, holidays, trips and appointments.


Help us meet our target and your child meet their targets by ensuring they are in school on time every day.


Punctuality Matters


It is not only days that matter; every minute counts. Arriving on time (by 8:45am) means children can walk into class with their friends. This increases their sense of belonging and creates a calm start to the day. Essential teaching such as phonics begins promptly after registration. Your child deserves the very best so it is paramount they are there. 



Absence: If you know your child is going to be absent from school for a dental/medical appointment please inform the school office and bring a copy of the appointment card. Wherever possible, appointments should be made outside school hours unless it is an emergency.


Sickness: If your child is going to be off sick, please call the school office (0208 303 2873) before 9:30am on the first day of absence. You will be asked for the reason for the absence and when you expect your child to return.


Holidays: Government and London Borough of Bexley guidance states that no holidays should be taken during term-time. The school will not authorise any holidays during term time. If there are exceptional circumstances that require your child to be absent from school for a short period of time, please complete our holiday request form, at least two weeks prior. This form can be requested or collected from the school office.

Approach to Lateness


  1. Any children arriving at school after the register has closed will be asked to register in at the school office.

  2. Pupils arriving between 9:00am – 9:30am will be marked as present but their time of late arrival will be noted.

  3. Pupils arriving after 9:30am will be marked as an unauthorised absence until note/evidence is provided from parents at which time the school will change the mark if it is authorised.

  4. A final check is made by a member of the office team who checks every classroom to ensure that there are no anomalies in the registration marks.

  5. Pupils who have a pattern of lateness will receive a school letter from the Attendance Officer informing the family of the impact that lost time has on learning.

  6. If attendance fails to improve, a meeting will be arranged to attend our attendance surgery with the Attendance Officer and Education Welfare Officer who can provide additional support and set appropriate attendance targets.

  7. Failure to reach the targets set can result in a referral to the Education Welfare Officer.

Approach to Non-Attendance


  1. Contact on the first day of absence is an integral part of our attendance policy.

    1. A phone call and follow up text is sent to all parents/carers alerting them that their child has been marked as absent. This takes place before 10am to make parents are aware that their child has not arrived at school.

    2. When a parent calls the school, a decision will be made as to whether an authorised or an unauthorised mark will be given.

    3. If the parent is unaware of their child’s whereabouts the police will be informed immediately.

    4. If no contact can be made with parents/carers by 12pm a visit to the child's home will take place.

  2. Unexplained absences are followed up by a telephone call to request a reason for any such absence. If no reason is given or if the reason is insufficient, the absence will be challenged and marked as unauthorised. The Attendance Officer will review the registers on a weekly basis for persistent absences and trends.

  3. When attendance drops below 97%, a letter from the Attendance Officer is sent reminding families of the impact of excellent attendance on learning and to remind families to avoid appointments during school time.

  4. If attendance drops below 95%, a meeting will be arranged to attend our attendance surgery with the Attendance Officer and Education Welfare Officer who can provide additional support and set appropriate attendance targets.

  5. For persistent absence without an explanation (below 90%), the parent will be referred to the school’s Education Welfare Officer. The Education Welfare Officer will write to the families concerned and arrange a meeting where further support is given and attendance targets are set and reviewed.

  6. If the family fails to engage at this stage, the Education Welfare Officer will arrange a home visit. Further failure to engage will result in a referral to the Local Education Authority for a fixed penalty notice.

Rewarding Good Attendance and Punctuality


The 100% Club

Your child can become a member of the 100% Club simply by attending school 100% of the time! Children with both 100% attendance and 100% punctuality automatically become members.


Membership benefits:

Half-termly certificates to celebrate success

A special mention on the end-of-term bulletin

Invitations to members-only events

Access to 100% of the learning opportunities and enrichment experiences available to them at Brampton


Membership options:

Bronze - 100% attendance and punctuality for one full term

Silver - 100% attendance and punctuality for two full terms

Gold - 100% attendance and punctuality for the academic year